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Ladies & Gentlemen,

I have been working as an architect for the past 16 years, during which time, in cooperation with my team, I have designed nearly 150 highly diversified office buildings, residential complexes, residential estates, schools, institutions of higher education, industrial facilities and public facilities. My offices are based both in Warsaw and in Szczecin, which is where I completed architectural studies. I obtained my architecture diploma in the Netherlands, while the most captivating designs I have created are located in the Polish capital, Warsaw.

Travels are what fascinates me the most and what have become an inherent part of my life. They are my source of inspiration for new architectural visions, the way to discover the undiscovered, and to take in all the curiosities of this world with all my senses. And what I find most rewarding is to show the world to my children and to see the nature, changing landscapes, animals and plants through their eyes. As water and sailing for me are the best way to break free from the fast pace of our municipal lifestyle, every year I compete in the Polish Catamaran Race. Tranquillity and serenity, uninterrupted contact with nature are what all of us need in life.

The philosophy of our office is that architecture was created to serve people and not the other way round. CITY architekci is an innovative project, within which we focus on providing services within the scope of municipal investments, to private developers and investors.

This website also offers insight into my work, travels and ideas. It is with great pleasure that I invite you to take part in our initiatives. Please find our contact details in “Contact” tab.