Poland was qualified as one of the 25 Fastest Growing Markets and according to Ernst & Young European Attractiveness Survey 2010, it is considered most frequently as a location of new investments in Europe.

International companies appreciate our 38-million market with the local purchasing power, while our perfect location, at the crossroad of the main communication routes in the centre of Europe ensures an export range of approx. half billion consumers on our continent. In view of continuously rising petrol prices, location becomes the most important factor affecting production costs. Therefore Poland is becoming a very advantageous destination for investors.

Poland also offers excellent scientific backup facilities. The number of graduates of Polish schools of higher education increase year by year, including the specializations from the technological sector that are in the highest demand. There were 439 000 graduates in Poland last year.

The strong Polish economy and the solid foundation for its further development are the best guarantee of cost-effective investment. According to projections, the growth of GDP in Poland during the following 3 to 5 years will reach the average of 3.8% per annum. The global economic crisis did not reach Poland, which, as the only country in Europe, did not experience the economic recession while continued to develop at the fastest pace as compared to all other European countries. The debt to GDP ratio equals 55%, which is significantly below the average. The growth or retail sales in Poland, as against previous year, was the highest among all the European Union states. Thanks to the stability and security ensured by Poland’s membership in the UN and the EU Poland is a reliable and a prominent business partner for foreign investors.

Poland is also an attractive tourist destination. The Baltic Sea beaches will be appealing to the lovers of sea bathing, while yacht sailors will delight with the Masurian Lakes District, which has been listed as one of the top natural wonders of the world. The diversified topography of mountain ranges will attract skiers and climbers. Poland also has a rich historical and cultural background, which are continuously brought to mind by the many historical sites and building in many Polish cities.


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